Thinking About Puregrace

As I mentioned in a earlier post I purchased this domain way back in 1997, mainly because I really liked the way it sounds. I thought it was cool. Over the past 14 years I’ve always had a hard time explaining what “PureGrace” is!

For awhile I lent the domain to my local church, which I thought was a perfect way to use it. At that time our church was filled with Grace! Hopeful,with a desire to reach those that hadn’t discovered Grace yet.

Sadly, that ended ungracefully.


A lot has changed over the past 14 years and i’m still thinking about Puregrace.

I’m not sure there is a definition of Puregrace out there

Puregrace is all over the place and is going to try and find those places where is shows up!

Maybe one day I’ll be able to better explain it!

What does Puregrace mean to you? Have a story of Puregrace? Send it on to story @

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  • Adriel B. Gran

    I have a Post about Puregrace Doctrine. I hope it can help. You can browse it at

    Bro. Adriel B. Gran

  • Just A Friend

    Hi PureGrace,
    I just found your site and will browse through it. It seems you’ve not updated anything for a few years…. You mentioned finding the places where pure grace is, here’s two resources to check out – and
    I’m actually working on a website for this content and am looking for another domain to use, that’s how I found your site, I was wondering what was at puregrace .com so here I am. I’m working on this site which will move to another domain soon, this is just a testing domain for me to work on the site on until it’s done
    Anyway, PURE GRACE is amazing. You are loved by our Father, you are perfected forever, you are as valuable to God as Jesus Christ….
    Maybe the links above will be a blessing to you. Feel free to connect on Facebook here as well –
    Blessings, Just A Friend

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