Go Love Someone Today!

Stumbled on this post from Leonard Sweet on Google+: https://plus.google.com/112866432453100404517/posts/dNeUvFoF3YH 

George Wald (1906-1997) won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1967. Late in life (06 October 1980) he wrote a letter to the editor of the Boston Globe in which he put the prize in perspective: 

“The truth is, what one really needs is not Nobel Laureates, but love. How do you think one gets to be a Nobel Laureate? Wanting love, that’s how. Wanting it so bad one works all the time, and ends up a Nobel laureate. It’s a consolation Prize. What matters is love. . . . So just practice loving. Love a Russian. You’ll be surprised how easy it is, and how it will brighten your life. Love whales. Love an Iranian, a Vietnamese—-not just here, but there. Then, when you’ve gotten real good at it, try something hard. Try loving one of those candidates for President.”


Interesting how history repeats itself. Go love someone today!

Thinking About Puregrace

As I mentioned in a earlier post I purchased this domain way back in 1997, mainly because I really liked the way it sounds. I thought it was cool. Over the past 14 years I’ve always had a hard time explaining what “PureGrace” is!

For awhile I lent the domain to my local church, which I thought was a perfect way to use it. At that time our church was filled with Grace! Hopeful,with a desire to reach those that hadn’t discovered Grace yet.

Sadly, that ended ungracefully.


A lot has changed over the past 14 years and i’m still thinking about Puregrace.

I’m not sure there is a definition of Puregrace out there

Puregrace is all over the place and Puregrace.com is going to try and find those places where is shows up!

Maybe one day I’ll be able to better explain it!

What does Puregrace mean to you? Have a story of Puregrace? Send it on to story @ puregrace.com

The Happiness Advantage…


I really like this Tedx presentation by Shawn Achor. 
I think he’s on to something, What say you?

Interesting Definition of Grace


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